Professional security for cast protection in a film production

Professional security for cast

Whether small or large, any film production should have a professional security team to guarantee cast and property safety. Sadly, production companies often cut corners by hiring unproven or relatively new companies. In the security industry, experience can make the difference between life and death.

The cast is the human factor and the main asset of any film production; therefore, priority measures must be taken to prevent this invaluable resource from being harmed in any way.

Establishing and carrying out appropriate planning and security protocols is an essential measure that helps to prevent dangerous situations from occurring, thus ensuring the safety of the cast and the entire production team.

Assessing risks

Risk assessment is the first step a professional security for cast protection in a film production must take. An initial assessment usually consists of breaking down each production stage and reviewing the personnel involved at every step.

In pre-production, all onsite risks associated with the locations where filming will take place must be identified. It´s always advisable to hire a personal security service for crowded locations such as Los Angeles or Santa Clarita, California, where fans, paparazzi, and stalkers tend to abound.

Establishing security measures

Keeping all production and personal information encrypted (i.e., schedules, locations, cast members’ names) is a key security measure that must be taken seriously. In addition, a pyramid of responsibilities for each member of security must be determined to establish a chain of custody where each element knows its function.

Another security measure that should be established from the beginning of production is the installation of closed circuit cameras and the designation of which security personnel must remain fixed and immovable from a specific place.

The transportation of personnel and equipment must always be guarded by one or more elements of the private security company. All assets, before, during, and after the shooting, should always be labeled and insured, with a detailed record of the shipment information, such as place of departure, place of arrival, dates, persons sending, persons receiving, etc. This information must be thoroughly reviewed, supervised, and approved by the security company.

Establishing an emergency protocol.

Even if you adhere to all safety measures, unexpected, fortuitous events can often occur during film production. Be ready! At Action Force Security, we always establish a customized security protocol based on the type of filming, the venue, the number of risks identified, etc.

Action Force Security will ensure that everyone on the set receives the necessary safety information and is aware of the emergency protocol. Moreover, we’ll train non-safety personnel, including the actors, as part of the same security protocol!

If you need security services for your television or film production in California, Action Force Security are the experts. We have a range of services and qualified personnel to make sure your cast’s personal safety and production assets are carefully monitored during film production. Give us a call, and you won’t regret it.

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