Ensuring a Smooth Production

The Art of Film Set Security: Ensuring a Smooth Production

Security is the backbone of a smooth production, from managing star-studded events to maintaining a stress-free environment.

Los Angeles Film Industry Security

Behind the Scenes: The Role of a Los Angeles Film Industry Security Company

In the fast-paced environment of Los Angeles’ film industry, security plays a vital role in keeping things running smoothly.

Security in Film Industry

The Writers’ Strike: A Deep Dive into its Profound Impact on the Film Industry

Streaming content is experiencing a veritable golden age, drawing in audiences worldwide with an array of innovative and compelling narratives.

Safety in Film Studios

Ensuring Safety in Film Studios: The Role of Professional Security

Dive into the film industry’s energetic domain, and you’ll find an amalgamation of remarkable talent, state-of-the-art technology, and invaluable intellectual property.

Safety in Film Productions

Safety in Film Productions: The Crucial Role of Security Guards

As the lights dim and cameras roll in a bustling film studio, an unseen group of professionals ensures that the magic of the movies unfolds without disruption.

5 Security Tips for movie events

5 Security Tips for movie events

Movie screenings and other film and television events are usually full of important people and famous celebrities, and therefore, inherent security risks must be addressed.

Professional security for cast

Professional security for cast protection in a film production

Whether small or large, any film production should have a professional security team to guarantee cast and property safety.

Why is it important to have security services on a film set

Why is it important to have security services on a film set?

Making movies is one of the riskiest activities for casts, crews, equipment, and insurance companies.

Private Security

Private Security: Why Trust the Professionals

As an event organizer, the safety and security of attendees and assets are of the utmost importance.

Event Security

3 Event Security Tips to Keep Your Staff and Team Safe

Event security is a crucial aspect of any event planning process.


Why is a risk assessment important in film?

We understand that security is not just about protection, but also about prevention and peace of mind.

What are the risks involved in filmmaking

What are the risks involved in filmmaking?

Action Forces Security is a security company based in the United States. We offer a wide range of security services to protect your property and people.

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