Why choose us?

During all these years at the service of prestigious companies in the film industry, we have characterized ourselves by a series of criteria that you can consider ensuring that hiring AFS as your private security provider is the best decision.

Licensed & insured

Action Force Security is a state-licensed Private Patrol Operator (PPO) as established by California’s Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS). This license entitles our security firm AFS to work legally in the state of California. Also, all our officers are licensed by BSIS.

On another hand, Workman Compensation covers all our employees, and AFS offers its officers comprehensive health insurance, and 401K plans to its employees.

Professionalism and career

Our security officers are always properly identified and have all the skills and qualifications for the assigned job. Our security guards will always maintain watchfulness and visibility.

We are used to the high standards demanded in the film and television production industry.

For our well-trained guards, our client’s needs and safety are the priority.


AFS provides reliable security throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area, and with the right logistics, our employees are ready to travel anywhere in the state of California. All of us have extensive knowledge about the environment whether it's on film studios or off-site locations.

We are close to you, which reduces costs and gives peace of mind in case of unforeseen events, and we can provide backup 24/7 if it’s necessary.


You give us your trust; we give you solutions. We have more than 13 years of experience as a security company for the film production industry. We understand logistics, management, budget, and calendar compliance.

We have the capacity to identify and solve security shortfalls, meeting the highest standards and unique requirements of this kind of business.


We have put measures in place to ensure that all client information and security details are kept strictly confidential.

For your peace of mind, AFS provides security for your sets, equipment, cast members, and crew, protecting and keeping any industry secret and your intellectual property under lock and key.

Versatility and adaptation

We offer temporary and permanent security solutions with flexible schedules and the possibility of adapting to changes in season and locations.

And our management team is always accessible via cell phone.

Personality and customer service

We keep open communication with our clients. We review feedback and address client concerns to maintain positive relationships with all of them, embodying the best practices of authentic customer service.

We provide professional and reliable security guards, so you can stay focused on all the other aspects of your production.

Meet and exceed our clients’ expectations is our greatest guide and satisfaction.

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