5 Security Tips for movie events

5 Security Tips for movie events

Movie screenings and other film and television events are usually full of important people and famous celebrities, and therefore, inherent security risks must be addressed. Here are five security tips to guarantee the safety of the attendees and the production team during these types of events.

1. Risk Assessment

Performing a risk analysis of what may occur before, during, and after the event is essential. Doing this allows you to identify possible threats and take preventive and timely actions.

One of the first aspects to handle is background checking all the personnel that will be part of the event. A professional event security company in Hollywood or Santa Clarita, California, should ensure that all staff and suppliers have the appropriate certifications, licensures, and authorizations to work on an event with well-known attendees.

2. Access Control

At a high-profile event such as a movie release or red-carpet gala, establishing access controls is vital to preventing respected guests from having a bad experience or, even worse, a safety incident.

A security firm creates filters with different biometric devices and credentials and ensures that only authorized personnel can access certain areas.

3. Evacuation plan

In an emergency, personnel and production equipment safety must always be guaranteed. To this end, everyone working at the event should be trained and instructed on their roles and responsibilities should a security incident arise.

A knowledgeable and prepared security company develops this evacuation plan before the event as one of its security services during emergencies. Protocols include taking note of emergency exits, signage, free access to communication routes, knowing the number of people attending and where they are located, etc. Joint participation and good communication between the security firm and the event staff is essential for the safety of all.

4. Maintain visible security presence!

Today’s surveillance technology lets us be present in many places, both on-site and virtually, at the same time. By keeping a highly visible security presence at a movie event, it’s more likely that dangerous intruders or criminals will decide not to pursue their nefarious actions.

5. Continuous monitoring

Continuous monitoring must be maintained until the last attendee or staff member has left the premises. Any suspicious activity, no matter how inconsequential, must be handled promptly and decisively. There is no small risk when the priority is the participants’ integrity and the event’s success.

Hiring knowledgeable and experienced security professionals during a movie event is indispensable. Action Force Security invites you to learn about our wide range of services. Don’t hesitate to contact us; your movie event is our priority!

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