Why is it important to have security services on a film set?

Why is it important to have security services on a film set

Making movies is one of the riskiest activities for casts, crews, equipment, and insurance companies. That’s because film producers usually take care of production and post-production issues first and leave other stuff, like security services, on the back burner. That’s a big mistake!

While risks on film sets are sometimes obvious, that doesn’t mean they’re easy to prevent. Hiring a private security company with a long track record in Los Angeles, California, that’s licensed with California’s Bureau of Security and Investigative Services and the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) is fundamental. Why is it so critical to have security services on a film set? Because of the expected and unexpected factors that only a professional security expert can handle.

While filming, contingency plans must be subject to the following order of priority: people, information, processes, and equipment. These are the most critical assets to protect when preventing security incidents.


The human factor is always the highest priority should any threat or danger arise when filming. Although film sets are typically required to have insurance against accidents and damages to third parties, a person’s life will always be the most important asset to protect. That’s why having a Production Security expert is vital.


The flow of information is the second crucial asset to address during a shoot. During the pre-production and production stages, several types of documents are generated. Some contain personal data, such as crew lists, while others announce the activities to be carried out, such as call sheets and work plans. Accounting forms, such as expense reports and travel vouchers, are also generated.

This type of sensitive information can be used against your production if it falls into the hands of ill-intentioned people hoping to extort, steal, or kidnap. Limiting the handling of this documentation and avoiding information leaks to unknown people is essential to maintaining internal control and security.


The correct execution of security protocols reduces the risk of being exposed to incidents. During scouting, for example, it´s important to investigate background information before and during production to maintain absolute control over the entry and exit of personnel.


Insurance coverage and recovering damaged or stolen equipment are at the bottom of the priority list. No matter how expensive the equipment, it should never come before the safety of people.

Risk will always be present in a film set, to a greater or lesser extent, whether it’s a small or large production. A “culture of safety” should always prevail in the decision-making processes of audiovisual productions, and that’s why delegating the responsibility to trained experts is the best choice.

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