Why is a risk assessment important in film?


We understand that security is not just about protection, but also about prevention and peace of mind.

An evaluation of the recording area and the potential risks that may exist is essential for filming, this allows the producer to have a clearer vision of the security service and personnel that he is going to need.

Filming in a desert area is not the same as having scenes that must be recorded in a city like New York or Hollywood, or on a beach in California.

A full-service security company

AFS has the expertise to design a customized security plan for your business, from assessing the risks to implementing the best solutions. We offer a wide range of security services, from consulting and planning to installation and monitoring.

Protect what matters most

With AFS, you can be sure that your employees and business assets are always safe and secure. You can count on us to help you manage all aspects of your security needs – from site surveys to installation, training, and maintenance.


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