What are the risks involved in filmmaking?

What are the risks involved in filmmaking

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The risks they face in a film production can be:

Loss of equipment from the set

The equipment that is kept on the filming sets of movies or series is specialized and extremely delicate, so taking care of it is an important part of the security team that is hired.

Problems with the public or fans

If the recordings are in public environments with exposure to fans of the movies or series, there may be security problems with people entering without authorization. Part of the responsibility of the security team is to make a prudent perimeter in the recordings and with that, allow the proper filming of the scenes.

Protection of the safety of the actors

This is a crucial aspect, the safety and care of the actors is important to us, although it is true that our work is based on taking care of the adequate space for the recordings, we care about the actors, who have security personnel in their care and above all, who feel safe when doing their work.

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