3 Common Types of Event Security

3 Common Types of Event Security

Action Forces Security provides event security services to protect your attendees, property, and valuables. Our guards manage the crowd and control people throughout the event. Most importantly, they detect and deter crime, as well as keep people safe.

Types of Event Security

We can mention three common types of event security. What type you need depends on your needs and budget. The options are:

Crowd Control

Crowd control is the most important function of event security. Security guards at an event can help with crowd flow, preventing bottlenecks and managing the flow of people to ensure they are safe and secure. They can also be used to control traffic flow in and out of parking lots, as well as direct pedestrians on sidewalks.

Crime Prevention

Security guards are trained to detect crime and deter it before it happens. They can help manage traffic in areas where crime is more likely to occur, such as parking lots or around vending areas, and they can have a presence that deters potential criminals from acting on their thoughts.


If you need specialized personal protection that no one else can provide, then the only option is to hire a bodyguard. This applies to different circumstances such as celebrities, government officials, and other famous personalities who would need to attend your company event.

Action Forces has been providing event security services for over 20 years. We’re able to provide you with a cost-effective service that meets all your needs!

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