Unarmed Security Guards extensively trained in event security


Unarmed security guards are professionally trained to keep you safe without the use of firearms. Guards tend to continually monitor the environment and protect against petty crimes or incidents such as fires, theft, or trespassing. They’re also trained to diffuse heated situations between individuals.

What benefits can an unarmed guard have to enhance event security?

  1. Access Control 

An unarmed guard is specially trained to assess who’s entering or leaving a property and can help your company to avoid any unwanted or unauthorized visitors.

  1. Bag Searching

When hosting an event or filming on location, most cast, crew, and visitors will bring a bag. Unarmed security guards are thoroughly trained to identify and restrict prohibited items from entering the event.

  1. Parking Enforcement and Traffic Diversion 

Improperly parked vehicles and traffic disruptions can be detrimental to an event and can even cause hazards. For example, blocking a fire entry route or access for rigs and staff vehicles. Security guards will be able to stop this risk by diverting the traffic and ensuring proper parking. 

  1. Safeguarding

Unarmed guards are thoroughly trained in defense, and insecure situations they will be able to keep cast, crew, and visitors safe. Additionally, they are trained not to leave any valuable equipment unattended, so your belongings will also be protected.

  1. Trained to Prevent 

Not only are unarmed security guards trained to deal with an incident as it is happening, but they are also trained to prevent it from occurring in the first place. Armed with professional knowledge and experience, they can anticipate and handle possible incidents before they escalate into something more serious. This ensures the smooth operations of your event.

  1. First Aid

Where necessary, we can implement first aiders to respond to any health-related incidents that may occur at your event.

  1. Deter criminals

The presence of trained unarmed guards is usually enough to prevent criminals from targeting your event where the threat is low. This ensures your property and personnel remain safe and there is reassurance for attendees. The guards are also able to monitor alarm systems and security cameras where necessary.

There are many benefits to hiring unarmed security guards to ensure the success of your event. They can patrol your event on foot or by vehicle depending on the size and can handle incidents from fire prevention, crowd management, personal protection, and more. 

AFS offers a professional service with close attention to detail for the safety of your event. Operating in the areas of Hollywood, Los Angeles, Burbank, and Santa Clarita, the firm can tailor a personalized security plan for any sized event. 

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