Security and Protective Services: What You Need to Know

Security and protective services are a necessity in today’s world. Whether you’re an executive, celebrity, or just someone who wants to feel safe on your commute to work, there are various options for you.

Today, we will cover the basics of what security and protective services entail and how they can be beneficial for your needs.

3 considerations on security services for the film and tv industry  

1. The first thing you need to know is that there are a few different types of security services. Especially when it comes to the film and television industry, which we at Action Force Security (AFS) specialize in.

First, there is Executive Protection, which is basically when an individual or company hires a guard to protect their life or property. This can be for a day, week, or month depending on what is needed.

Production Security is basically any security service that serves to protect the life and integrity of people involved in large or small audiovisual and cinematographic productions, such as movies, commercials, music videos, still shoots, and TV shows.

This kind of agency that provides security for film or television productions must have experience and knowledge of the industry because the needs of the cast, staff, and crew are very specific and can vary as the filming is developed.

On the other hand, Security Event Services. Without a doubt, it must be part of the logistics and organization of a large-scale event to guarantee the safety of the artists and the public. This includes music festivals, film premiers, and live events.

Then you have Emergency Security Services which are typically used in unforeseen events and emergencies that often occur in the context of a major project.

In the case of a television or film production, it may be that more security guards are required than anticipated because the set is larger because they must film on locations outside the city, or due to possible threats against the company.

In situations like these, we have a team of well-trained, experienced, and capable agents to handle any emergency, prioritizing the safety and integrity of your equipment, cast, and crew.

Finally, there are also other types of security required in the audiovisual, television, and film production industries. To learn more about it, you can enter our services section.

When you are hiring a security company, make sure it has the specific service you need. Do not opt for apprentices.

2. The second thing to know is that when it comes to security, experience and knowledge of the specific industry are essential. We have more than 13 years of existence as a company specialized in security services for the film and television industry.

We understand logistics, management, budget, and calendar compliance. We speak the same language as you.

3. And the third thing that you can never forget is that the agency you are going to hire for the security of your company, project or staff must be regulated. We are a state-licensed Private Patrol Operator (PPO) as established by California’s Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS). 

However. Having already learned 3 basic principles of security services for the film and television industry in Los Angeles, what are the advantages of hiring a company like us?

7 reasons to make Action Force Security  your strategic ally

  1. We guarantee professionalism and experience in all our security agents. For our well-trained guards, our client’s needs and safety are the priority.
  2. Our employees are ready to travel anywhere in the state of California if your project or company needs it.
  3. We provide reliable security throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area. To be close to you is an advantage, which reduces costs and gives peace of mind in case of unforeseen events.
  4. We can provide backup 24/7 if it’s necessary.
  5. We have put measures in place to ensure that all client information and security details are kept strictly confidential.
  6. We offer temporary and permanent security solutions with flexible schedules and the possibility of adapting to changes in season and locations.
  7. We really love what we do. Guaranteeing your safety and integrity is our purpose, which we fulfill with passion, discipline, and commitment.

Having a respected and serious security company will give you some benefits such as:

  • Peace of mind to focus on other details of your business.
  • The feeling of being understood and that your expectations are met.
  • The guarantee that you will have support to face emergencies and other situations during the development of your project.
  • And, of course, adequate security for you, your staff, cast, and your equipment.

If you need more information or want to quote our services, contact us.

We will be happy to serve you.

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