Customized Security Guard Solutions

Customized Security Guard Solutions

If you’re looking for trusted film industry security guards in Burbank, look no further than Action Force Security (AFS).

Action Force Security has provided film industry security services in the Los Angeles area since 2007. Our state-licensed private patrol operators have expert training in guarding people, places, and personal belongings specifically for the entertainment industry.

What services does Action Force Security offer?

We offer a wide variety of services depending on each client’s needs.

  • Technical Security Supervision: Filming in a public area is entirely different than shooting on a closed set. Our specialized security teams ensure the entire crew, production set, and valuable equipment are kept safe from outside interference.
  • Film Industry Security Guards: Specialized film industry security guards know how to execute a strategy that keeps everyone safe when shooting a film. While non-specialized security guards may be helpful in other situations, well-trained film industry security guards know how to keep your production rolling and safe at the same time.
  • Emergency Security Services: High-level planning and significant financial investment goes into filming or shooting a television show or movie; that’s why it’s essential to have emergency security services on hand should the worst happen. It pays to have an expert team who knows how to handle different emergencies. Action Force Security operates 24/7, making sure you, your crew, and your set are continuously monitored and safe.
  • TV and Film Industry Security Specialists: It helps to have people around who are well versed in the television and film industry. Our security services accommodate a wide variety of productions including TV shows, movies, music, and commercials. Action Force Security offers top-notch TV commercial security in Santa Clarita.
  • Trained and Qualified Professionals: Although you can hire any old security company when shooting your film, you won’t get the same level of expertise when it comes to protection. Each of our security guards is thoroughly trained on their post order duties, and our highly visible vehicles act as deterrents to criminal behavior and other public nuisances.
  • Executive Protection: We also provide bodyguards and executive protection agents for VIPs and executives. High-level individuals are often targeted when shooting a film or a television production, and they must be protected at all times. When you’re looking after executives and A-list celebrities, don’t forget that Action Force Security provides the best film industry security guards in Hollywood.
  • Event Security: Action Force Security can accommodate other large-scale events in the entertainment industry, such as music festivals, live events, theater, pop-up events, talent meet-and-greet, and film premiers. No event is too big or too small!

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If you need competent, trained, and licensed California film industry security guards, look no further than Action Force Security. We provide a range of services for our clients and would love to hear how we can help you with your next project. Click here to get in touch today.

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